Heading to the pool :)

After working three days in a row (along with trauma and babies have rough days), I was in need of a day off and today was perfect!

Andrew and I started the day off sleeping in till 8! Heading to target, and then the gym


Nice and sweaty after the elliptical and weights.

We then met my cousins and my mom at the pool. I swam 700 yards while my mom kept an eye on Andrew. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I have to start back up!

Besides swimming, going off the diving board with Andrew, and catching some rays, I only took one picture 🙂


Andrew and I then headed home for a wardrobe change, and then to a 1st birthday party. It was actually for a baby I took care of in the NICU, so I won’t be posting any pictures, but it was an ABSOLUTE blast. I love that lil guy

OHH and some of you may have missed this on facebook, but I had this “little” creature visit me one morning before work.


Apparently he is a brown recluse……..great.

Question for you:

What are you doing this weekend?

what is your favorite way to exercise?

4 thoughts on “Heading to the pool :)”

  1. Eek for the spider- Clay saw a black widow in the pool the other day, can we say freaked out? I didn’t even want to get into the pool! I hate poisonous spiders. Glad you and Andrew had a fun day at the water park.

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