Diaper cake for twins!

This past Sunday, I attended my sister in laws baby shower for the twins!!!! She is having a boy AND a girl!!! I still can’t believe it

When I saw the diaper cakes on pinterest, I just knew I wanted to try this.


(who doesn’t need diapers!)

First I started with the bottom row, and just wrapped the diapers in a circle


I used tape to hold it all together and I taped it to a piece of cardboard that I cut in a circle

Next, I rolled the wash clothes and taped them to the sides, and added a bow around the whole thing


For the next row, I just repeated


This time, I used a blue blanket to decorate. I did a three layer cake. I then just started hanging the pacifiers, spoons, and other items in all the spaces. The top I wrapped with a towel for after the bathtub.


Almost finished! Just need to add a stuffed animal to the top, and it was all ready!

I got a big box of diapers from Sam’s and the other goodies from the dollar store. If you buy a diaper cake already made, you can spend over 100 bucks! Mine cost less than 1/2 of that, and it was super easy

Question for you:

What is your favorite gift to bring for a baby shower?

Have you made any crafts from pinterest?



3 thoughts on “Diaper cake for twins!”

  1. Very cute! For baby showers I make a little quilted mat that has a bumper around it for the baby to play/lay on w/o rolling off…it’s nice for when they start to sit, too, keeps the toys handy! My youngest still has hers and uses it now for her dollies (she got the prototype when I first started making them!) A friend just told me that her 10 month old uses it when she gets tired and snuggles up on the bumper as a pillow with her blankie…

  2. I like making gifts with themes – usually some sort of basket. For my cousin’s first baby, I got a basket that went with her bedroom set then filled it with some things from her registry and then some other things more special from me. She loved it!

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