What I ate Wednesday

Today’s eats include alot of quick finds and pretty simple meals. With all the workouts, and working outside, I need food ASAP

Breakfast started with a banana pancake. I haven’t had one in a while, and it totally hit the stop


I didn’t get lunch till almost three oclock. Thank goodness for this mornings protein!

Lunch was two parts: chicken from Sam’s and cucumbers


Part two was my favorite salad


Dinner: Was leftovers from my parents, and cherries


Dessert was probably my favorite. Ice cream with Andrew


(yep he is giving bunny ears to the ice cream. silly kiddo)

Question for you:

What do you eat when you are in a rush?
How do you get your protein?

Relaxing evening after muscle building

I am having a nice relaxing evening over here. And thatย  is for two different reason’s: Angela’s workout, and working for 3 hours in the yard

First, I headed to the gym


for 30 minutes on the elliptical while reading this


I also brought along Angela’s workout found here. And let me tell you, my legs were were burning!

I did all three rounds (although, I only wanted to do two angela haha) BUT I worked out with the big boy today. Instead of being in the little corner, I went over with all the big guys. And my sweaty mess did pretty well haha

I didn’t even shower, because it was time to work outside.

P1070668 P1070671

It is a slow process of leveling out the ground and adding rock, and I got so muddy I felt like I was in a mud run (oh did I mention it was drizzling)


After cleaning up and hanging out with Andrew, I am now relaxing with the movie OZ.


Has anyone seen this yet? Since the Wizard of Oz is my ALL TIME favorite movie, I might be alittle critical.

Question for you:

What is your favorite movie? Or one of them?

Weekly workouts

This week had workouts from Michigan, to the gym to the tennis courts. If you ask me, this is how I LOVE to keep moving. I can’t do the same thing everyday. I get bored. Then I stop working out. (doesn’t help the weight lose!)

  • Sunday:ย  28 mile bike ride to the Cherry Hut
  • Monday: Tennis and small bike ride with Andrew
  • Tuesday:ย  2000 yard swim (after a 10hr car ride)
  • Wednesday: rest day
  • Thursday: 40 min elliptical (after a 12 hr shift)
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 40 min elliptical, weights, and then an hour of tennis with Andrew

Weights on Saturday included:

  • Repeat x3
  1. 20 Squats with kettlebell swings
  2. Seated ab twists (to both sides. 25 each side)
  3. Lying Adduction leg lifts (25 each leg)
  4. Tricep dips

I was really happy with this weeks workouts. Especially on vacation, when I seem to be alittle TOO laid back. but we were active in the morning, and then relaxed the rest of the day. It was perfect.

Question for you:
What was your favorite workout this weekend?

How many “rest days” do you have each week? or do you not keep track?

-I don’t ๐Ÿ™‚

Beach bonfire

After eating lots of yummy food, and staying active on the trails, it was time to relax. The very last night, we headed to the Elberta beach (which is just right around the way from where we were staying)

We got there when it was still a bit light out


Even though we didn’t get a great sunset with all the clouds, it was still a great night!

Crazy kiddo
Crazy kiddo haha

We brought food, and of course stuff for smores!


It was a perfect night

P1070634n P1070632b

Andrew and I were snuggling

goofball. not sleeping
goofball. not sleeping


The fire was memorizing


I just have one more Michigan post, coming next week ๐Ÿ™‚

Question for you:
Do you like smores?

Have you ever had a bonfire on the beach?

Recipes, workouts, inspiration OH MY

I am taking a little break from the Michigan posts, to share some emails that I have received. Mostly recipes, a great workout, and a REALLY inspirational story about paleo. I know not everyone understands, follows, or gets all the hype, but I just thought I would share!

457b33ff310239da808c11150d7ef6afhaha I swear the recipes are NOT like that!


Ok this isn’t a recipe, but it looks like a good workout!

Need inspiration? Found here! This lady lost 110lbs!!


Question for you:

Do you have any recipes, workouts, or inspiration you wish to share? or that you found?

Michigan: activities

Since yesterdays post was all about food, I thought I would talk about the fun stuff we did in Michigan. We actually stayed REALLY active, between tennis, bike riding, and of course beach time haha

After breakfast, we would usually head over to the tennis courts with my cousin and her boyfriend


Andrew got a new racket for his birthday, and we have been playing about once a week at home. My aunt and cousin love to play, and it was alot of fun!

We also took a few bike rides.


Andrew is still working on riding by himself, but going on a 28 mile bike ride was tough pulling him behind me.


He loved it, and started getting the whole mechanics of balancing and pedaling.

We were like a biker gang heading to the cherry hut haha

P1070590b P1070592b

Another activity would have to be monopoly.


Andrew would go around the house asking ANYONE to play with him

beach and bike post coming up later….

Question for you:

Would you rather swim, bike, or run? or play tennis?

– I would rather swim, bike, tennis, then run. Actually after our 10 hour drive home, I went to the pool and swam 2000 yards! It felt amazing! especially after being in the car so long

What is your favorite board/card game?

-I love to play nerts! Has anyone else played that before?

What I Ate Wednesday: Michigan style

Ok before I get started! I want to pass along this great new app from Civilized caveman! Today ONLY it is $0.99 and comes with over 200 paleo recipes!! You have to try it out!

now if only I had an iphone……tear…haha


Hi everyone! So I took a few days off (and had a few posts written) because my mom, Andrew, and I went to Michigan! We just got home yesterday afternoon, but I thought I would share some of the few “eats” for the five days we were gone ๐Ÿ™‚

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, 1/2 slice toast


heading outside to eat on the deck. by this view….


Lunch: n0thing exciting. usually leftovers (boring…) Of course Andrew had his grilled cheese

P1070569(taken by Andrew)

One day we did ride bikes to the Cherry Hut for lunch. I grabbed a messy salad


Dinner: This night we had barbeque chicken, potatoes, salad, and blueberries


(chicken consumed BEFORE picture haha)

Dessert: One night we went to Elberta beach and had a bonfire and smores ๐Ÿ™‚


(two other nights we went and got ice cream from Kilwins. sorry, can’t pause to take pictures of ice cream haha)

more vacation posts to come…..

Question for you:

What is your favorite vacation treat?

What is one healthy thing you ate today?

six flags

Before the “big” a list, Andrew and I headed to six flags St louis

I have to say, I was a little worried. I haven’t been in YEARS, but I was worried about the heat, the lines, and of course crankiness. haha

BUT it was an amazing day with Andrew! We didn’t have any break downs (from him, or me haha)

We started the day with a few rides

P1070429 P1070430 P1070436 P1070440

Of course we took a little break haha

P1070446 P1070447 P1070454

Then it was time for the train

P1070448 P1070458 P1070462

And then the water park!

P1070466 P1070463

We finished the day with ice cream

P1070471 P1070472

Question for you:

Do you like roller coasters?

A list party

A week ago, my cousins sent a message asking if I wanted to head to the central west end for an A list party.

I responded “sure. what does one wear to an A list party” haha


The “party” was basically an outdoor function, where different restaurants and bars come to give samples of their foods and drinks.

we got our tickets free and all the food and drinks were free, which was pretty amazing.



Really the best part was hanging out with my cousins.

sorry. bad camera. bad picture.
sorry. bad camera. bad picture.

And this fountain was a REAL person who changed positions every 10 seconds or so

P1070484 P1070485 P1070486

(I bet he has crazy leg muscles!)

We even made the front page of the magazine website!

Question for you:

Bananas + paleo = awesome

Today in preparation for another vacation (thank goodness) I needed to use up some pretty ripe bananas, and banana bread ALWAYS in on my mind haha

Of course, I have tried a few recipes before:

not paleo:


Ok…..I MIGHT have a banana bread problem haha

But this one is a new one! I changed a few things, but otherwise… DELICIOUS!

P1070510 P1070511

I found this “new” banana recipe here

Might need to branch out with my banana recipes. Although, this isn’t banana bread ๐Ÿ™‚

Question for you:

Have you tried a new recipe lately?

Are you in love with any certain type of food? haha