Teeth are a pain

It appears that my house and life is consumed by baby stuff.

P1070305 P1070304

And thats just the kitchen.

Last night, the baby woke up at 10pm! and didn’t finally settle until 2am. For that time period, he would wake up screaming, I would calm him, he would sleep for 10-30 (just enough time for me to fall back asleep) and then start the whole process over.

I tried to figure out if it was stomach related, diaper related, bottle related, then I realized it was his teeth. He is cutting three teeth right now! pool little fella.

baby2(NOT the baby Im watching, just a hilarious pacifier picture I found here.)

Needless to say, today was filled with lots of coffee, a few meltdowns (by everyone) and naps for two of us.

To celebrate surviving the day, I had these!



Andrew and I are now watching Ice Age to relax before bed. Hoping and praying I get more sleep tonight. My meal selections have been absolutely ridiculous. (although carrying a 20 lb baby around is a workout!)

Just for laughs, because I need them!


Question for you:

How many hours of sleep to you get/ do you require?

-I like to get 7-8 hours 😉

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