We live in a zoo

Whew. I have to say,a good night sleeps does WONDERS for me. I feel a MILLION times better.

Even the 6:30 am wake up call from the little fella, wasn’t SO bad haha. Especially with the huge smile I got šŸ™‚

We had breakfast, and then Andrew joined us. He has been sleeping in a lot lately, which is fine by me! We got all packed up and headed to the zoo!

We first went to the stingrays. They are free to go see and pet the first hour

P1070314 P1070315 P1070323

Then the carousel (also free the first hour)


The rest of the animals were out and eating their breakfasts

P1070339 P1070341 P1070342 P1070343 P1070344 P1070346 P1070349 P1070353 P1070375

And the weather was gorgous! 70s and not hot at all!! We even brought a blanket for the little guy.

It was his VERY first visit to the zoo, and he was out by 10:30am haha. Time to head home šŸ™‚

Question for yoU:
what is your favorite animal at the zoo?

-Andrew and I love the giraffes.

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