Bananas + paleo = awesome

Today in preparation for another vacation (thank goodness) I needed to use up some pretty ripe bananas, and banana bread ALWAYS in on my mind haha

Of course, I have tried a few recipes before:

not paleo:


Ok…..I MIGHT have a banana bread problem haha

But this one is a new one! I changed a few things, but otherwise… DELICIOUS!

P1070510 P1070511

I found this “new” banana recipe here

Might need to branch out with my banana recipes. Although, this isn’t banana bread 🙂

Question for you:

Have you tried a new recipe lately?

Are you in love with any certain type of food? haha

4 thoughts on “Bananas + paleo = awesome”

  1. Did just come across a flourless brownie recipe. I LOVE the civilized caveman banana bread – and you can use the same batter for pancakes! Paleo Parents has a yummy dark chocolate banana bite recipe that is also very yummy…just tried that one last week. Might try the flourless brownies this week…none for me, just the kiddos!!! 😉 And I just froze some ripe bananas for another day when I will whip them up for the kids as “ice cream”. (or in a pinch, defrost and put with an egg for some pancakes!)

  2. I’m not into paleo but I do love the egg and banana pancakes and I would totally try a paleo banana bread (I just like carbs. And bread. LOL). I freeze bananas for smoothies and breads all the time, it beats throwing them out before they go bad.

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