Putting it on the line

I’m not exactly sure where to start this post. I have a lot of ideas and thoughts floating around, and how to get them out (witout sounded stupid) is going to be hard. Please bare with me

The past few weeks, I have been having a really hard time with food. Between the baby, no sleep, and no exercise. I was a bit of a mess. I know that if I don’t exercise or get outside every few days, I become a crabby lady. (and crabby is a nice way of putting it)

I did workout Friday before the baby came. Even getting up at 530 am to go on a bike ride before picking him up. We did go for walks, play tennis (well not the baby), and I was running around with his schedule. and 4 hours of sleep resulted in a cookie binge

But I didn’t get a good sweaty workout in. My muscles were starting to feel mushy again (you know what I mean!) I started getting testy at little things, and I wasn’t sleeping well.

(rewind to a few months ago)

I made a pact with myself. This year was my year. I wasn’t HOPING to lose the weight. I wasn’t GOING to try my best. I AM going to lose the weight and feel better about myself. For me and for Andrew. Once I made that decision, it was smooth sailing. HAHA who am I kidding, it was hard! But once I got in the groove of eating better and working out FOR FUN, the weight started coming off! I lost 7 lbs, I was sleeping better, and had more energy. I wasn’t crabby, and I felt great.

(back to the present)

I don’t know why I didn’t plan a little better for the baby. Have meals prep (no cookies in the house). Slept when he was sleeping (instead of up reading my book) but you live and your learn. I did gain some back.

I keep going back and forth about whether or not to share my weight and the weight lose each week (probably because I am mortified by the number) I know that I shouldn’t be defined by that number, but I hate it. If I eat bad or my clothes don’t fit I start with the negative talk. “you are so fat” “look she can lose weight, why can’t you” “why do you keep doing this to yourself”. It all has to stop.

Ok moving on. I did buy a groupon for a massage with the plans to use that when I lose 10% of my weight. I have awhile before that. Now I need to think of a lower goal. Like 5 lbs or so many workouts in a week. Something to keep me motivated.

Andrew and I want to race in a color run this fall, which I am super excited about! We also play tennis at least once of week. Go to the pool on my days off. And I hit up the gym. All that moving adds up big time! I am also exercising for fun, and included Andrew by getting out of the house and playing like we used to as kids!

Now I just have to get my eating in check. (luckily those cookies are out of the house and gone) I have also been making sure to get to bed before 10. I need my sleep. Which leads to more energy to work out, and prepare healthier foods.

I know this post is a bit over the place. I swear I don’t mean it to be that way, I just had to get it out there that I was doing really great. I had finally had that LIGHT BULB moment when I realized I need to do this FOR ME. To be healthy. I know that I am going to have days (weeks) that stink, but I promise I will get back to it. Not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to. Last week was just one of those weeks. Now I have to pick myself up, stop the negative talk about myself and move on!

Question for you:

What is one “healthy” thing you do eat day/week?

What is your favorite “fun” why to exercise?

6 thoughts on “Putting it on the line”

  1. I train for races, so yeah that’s fun for me, but it’s also well… training. And training is like doing your homework sometimes to prepare for the race or test. So it’s not always fun, it’s a love hate relationship basically. For fun though… Zumba is fun and we have a dance class at my gym called WERQ (pronounced work) that’s a hip hop dance class. All the music is great and fun, you can just be crazy and dance as hard or easy as you want in the class, so I like it. I bet you’d like something like that too.

    Even you admitted it, you had a hiccup in your progress… you are still devoted to losing weight and I think you will get beyond it. At least now you know how you could have better prepared and you will get through it.

  2. When you have the right motivation and desire you will stick to it! When you know that you want to do it for you, for your health and as an example for Andrew and that is deep in your heart, then you’ve got it! It’s not so that you can be just like someone else. It’s not so that you can prove to someone that you can do it. It’s for what is in your heart. To be healthy. For you. You are important enough to take the time it takes to do what you need to do to be healthy!
    Sending healthy, happy vibes your way!

  3. I’ve been just worrying about making it to the gym on a regular basis. I started tracking again but stopped after a few days (so hard to keep up with!!). I keep trying to do it though because I know it helps me. It makes me eat well knowing I have to track it later. I know you can do this! It’s hard but worth it!

    1. My real wish would be to have an iphone, so I could track it immediately. Sometimes I don’t track till the end of the day, and it isn’t pretty. I think if I know it will throw me over my calories, I choose healthier options. Strange, but true.

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