six flags

Before the “big” a list, Andrew and I headed to six flags St louis

I have to say, I was a little worried. I haven’t been in YEARS, but I was worried about the heat, the lines, and of course crankiness. haha

BUT it was an amazing day with Andrew! We didn’t have any break downs (from him, or me haha)

We started the day with a few rides

P1070429 P1070430 P1070436 P1070440

Of course we took a little break haha

P1070446 P1070447 P1070454

Then it was time for the train

P1070448 P1070458 P1070462

And then the water park!

P1070466 P1070463

We finished the day with ice cream

P1070471 P1070472

Question for you:

Do you like roller coasters?

6 thoughts on “six flags”

  1. I’m not a huge roller coaster fan but I do love water parks… my friend and I are going to the one here tomorrow actually. I just hope the rain holds off for us! It looks like you and Andrew had a great time at Six Flags, I’ve never been to one of their parks but it looks like a lot of fun, glad there were no meltdowns!

  2. Looks like a great day! We go to our Six Flags, here, too! I had the girls at the water park part last Tuesday. I am very picky about roller coasters. I only like the kind where your feet hang down. There is something about having my feet touch the floor of the car that makes me tense and then I feel like I get jerked around and I don’t like it. I only went on the new standing up one a few years ago once, so I don’t remember if I liked it. We got stuck on the initial incline for quite some time, so my nerves were shot right from the get go!!

    1. you like the ones where your feet dangle? I would rather have my feet touching something haha. Im not big on rollercoasters, and neither is Andrew, so we went on the “mini” rides. it was perfect. haha

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