Relaxing evening after muscle building

I am having a nice relaxing evening over here. And that  is for two different reason’s: Angela’s workout, and working for 3 hours in the yard

First, I headed to the gym


for 30 minutes on the elliptical while reading this


I also brought along Angela’s workout found here. And let me tell you, my legs were were burning!

I did all three rounds (although, I only wanted to do two angela haha) BUT I worked out with the big boy today. Instead of being in the little corner, I went over with all the big guys. And my sweaty mess did pretty well haha

I didn’t even shower, because it was time to work outside.

P1070668 P1070671

It is a slow process of leveling out the ground and adding rock, and I got so muddy I felt like I was in a mud run (oh did I mention it was drizzling)


After cleaning up and hanging out with Andrew, I am now relaxing with the movie OZ.


Has anyone seen this yet? Since the Wizard of Oz is my ALL TIME favorite movie, I might be alittle critical.

Question for you:

What is your favorite movie? Or one of them?

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