Review: Donut Shop Iced Coffee

Holy Moly.


I am SO excited about my keurig  (first time since I got it for my birthday), especially when I was able to get this…


I haven’t used it because most of the flavors were for hot coffee. and I just can’t do that in the summer, especially while working outside all day.

Waiting patiently for it to brew…..P1070697

(a whole 10 seconds haha)

Then I poured it over ice. I didn’t have to add a thing, it was delicious!




Question for you:

What is your favorite coffee flavor?

Where is your favorite coffee from/made by?

4 thoughts on “Review: Donut Shop Iced Coffee”

  1. I love my keurig but I can’t do the brew over ice ones- they water the coffee down too much. I like mine super strong and always brew on the low settings. Sometimes I chill it and add some ice later though, I just buy the regular cups and do that, then add a little cream (I’m really love the Bailey’s Irish cream creamer from the dairy section at the grocery store). Donut Shop is really good though, so is Gloria Jean’s brand.

  2. I haven’t tried this one yet but saw it and was intrigued. What kind of sweeteners and other ingredients are in it? I’m with Amy in that usually the iced coffees are too watery for me and just make it the night before and put it in the fridge 🙂

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