Workout “stuff”

New workout gear!!

I realized that I haven’t bought any workout “stuff” in FOREVER!

I am in love my reebox reflex shoes, but am definitely in need a new kicks

img_0096(this picture is when I first bought them. who knew they were really grey when I got them!?!?! haha)

BUT I was able to get this at Target as a start


At only 12 bucks a pop, I am REALLY happy with this


This sports bra is made by Champion. I loved the small straps (that I can adjust!) and it was comfortable enough to wear all day!

I wore it to play tennis with Andrew, and for a workout tonight. It didn’t move, get too tight (like I’m adjusting myself the whole time. That doesn’t make you look cool haha) and I DEFINITELY need to get more!

Question for you:

What is your favorite workout clothing item?

3 thoughts on “Workout “stuff””

  1. I love my running skirts. I also love my HRM and don’t leave home without it! Other than that I don’t really have a favorite thing for when I go to the gym. I do need some new sports bras, so I just might need to go visit Target! Thanks for the tip!!! πŸ˜‰

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