Lake house

Every year in college, the friends and I would head to the lake house once in the summer for some shenanigans haha

This was taken when I was pregnant!!! And it isn’t even the whole group.

College 2004
College 2004

(I am in the green shirt)

I still talk to everyone but two of the guys in this picture. We are all still really close!

I drove down with my friend Charlie, we relaxed for just a few minutes- then we hopped on the boat!

time for the boat!
time for the boat!

We had so much fun!

P1070747 P1070746 - Copy

best friends for ten years.
best friends for ten years.

(yep thats me in the background)

Out to go swimming

P1070748 P1070749

We had such a beautiful day, and you guys know about me swimming to the buoy before it got too dark


then it was time for a bonfire! and lots of giggles


I headed to bed around midnight. thats as long as I could make it haha

I could wake up to this every morning….


The morning started with zucchini bread and watermelon 🙂


times 2 And lots of coffee

It was a VERY quick trip, but I am so glad we went. I was able to relax, and catch up with friends. I definitely needed that.

Question for you:

Any last horrahs before school starts? (or Monday for those who work haha)

Do you still hang out with friends from gradeschool, highschool, or college? Or new friends in life?

6 thoughts on “Lake house”

  1. What a great time! I think we all need time like that. In fact, I just spent the weekend with friends from middle school. In our “mid-life crisis” we had a Mid-Life Adventure and went Zip Lining. It was an amazing day with amazing friends. Food for the soul!!!

  2. It looks like you guys had such a great time :). It’s amazing that you’re (almost) all still in touch and hanging out today like you did back then, unfortunately I’m not in touch with a lot of my college friends anymore. I’m friends with most of them on Facebook and still see a few, but many of them… we’ve just grown apart or either realized that our friendship was for the season, not for life. Oh, and I could definitely pick you out in that first picture too, hehe :).

  3. All my friends live around the country now (DC, Maryland, Texas, California, and NY!) and they were all singular friends (not a big group of besties) so I hardly get to see them. I would love having a group to get together yearly!! Jealous!

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