Time for 3rd Grade!!!

So the post for Sam Baker that I had planned on for today, is going to get pushed back till tomorrow because today Andrew started school! (and well that is just WAY more important haha)

The morning started off without a hitch. Andrew’s dad arrived and had breakfast with Andrew, and then we were off!

Of course, we had to take the traditional picture in front of the house


looking back at the other first days of school? WOW he was tiny in preschool!!!!!

Walking to school with his dad


Found his seat!


His whole class


I am really going to miss him. Seriously, it is 8:25 and I’m wondering  what he is doing haha. I’m sure he is having a great day, and it is only a half day. now time for a bike ride!

Question for you:

What grade are you or your kids going into?

Did you ever have a special first day of school breakfast?

2 thoughts on “Time for 3rd Grade!!!”

  1. No first day of school traditional breakfast, though that would be cool! My girls are going into 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th. Next year is HS! Yikes!
    Hope he has a fantastic day!

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