Trader Joe’s vs Sam’s

Today, I am feeling a million times better, and I was able to get a ton done! I headed to not one, but TWO stores today for groceries. I think it was because I really wanted to go to Trader Joe’s, but they just didn’t have everything

First Stop: Sam’s

P1070952On the list: eggs, milk, smoked sausage, cucumbers, blueberries, bananas, apples, string cheese, and pasta sauce

Next stop: Trader Joe’s

P1070954On the list: butter, peas, green beans, flowers, 1 onion, red potatoes, honey, maple syrup, cookie butter, chicken broth, trader joes cookies, and coconut milk

Some new favorites I can’t wait to try


Any suggestions on how to use these bad boys?

I found one way for the cookie butter. Pumpkin Almond Pancakes 🙂


Yum!~ The pancake recipe can be found here

Question for you:

Where do you shop for groceries?

Any favorite new foods?

3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s vs Sam’s”

  1. I shop at Harris Teeter, which is a southern store (they do have a few in VA and Maryland though), I guess it’s similar to a Wegman’s up north. Charleston has a Sam’s and a Trader Joe’s, but I don’t like membership stores and Trader’s is super far away (and doesn’t accept coupons). I do like the almonds at TJs though…

    I really didn’t care for cookie butter. I heard so much about it, but I’d rather have the Peanut Butter & Company Dark Chocolate PB instead. That coconut milk might be good in a curry dish!

  2. I love TJ’s for certain things. There are some staples I get there…the coconut milk being one since it’s price is great! I use it anywhere the recipe calls for milk. I put it in coffee, pancake batter, over sauteed apples/cinnamon. I also get my almond flour there since it is so much less expensive there. I also get their ends and bits bacon. Most of my other shopping is done at Costco and quick fix shopping is at the ShopRite a mile from my house. This time of year we also get most of our produce from the CSA (June-Nov).

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