The good and the bad


Today started off with an amazing bike ride! (even Andrew rode his bike to school!)


I had my bike tune up at Big Shark, and it looks and rides amazingly smooth!


I came home and my kitchen sink was clogged. So I call my handyman Dad, and the pipe is clogged in the wall and it flooded part of my kitchen


It is a mess


The amazing cookies that my cousin made for Andrew


Are they not amazing?!?!


Waiting by the phone all day waiting to hear if the twins are on their way!!!


Unfortuantly…… my sister in law is having contractions, but nothing to bring those stubborn babies!


My kitchen still looks awesome with my Trader Joe’s Flowers


They make me happy


Paying bills and going through this mess


Luckily, I made a good dent in the diaster

But on a happy note, we have morning glory muffins for tomorrow!


I hope everyone is having a great week!

Question for you:

What is something good that is going that is going on with you?

3 thoughts on “The good and the bad”

  1. Those cookies are too cute! How awesome! Sorry to hear about the sink…that’s been trouble for a long time! I hope it doesn’t turn into a major home repair for you and that your amazing handyman can work some magic!

  2. Those are the coolest cookies ever, seriously. And it’s so great Andrew can ride his bike to school- most of the schools here aren’t exactly accessible for that bc they’re on pretty busy highways. I hope the sink will be okay, gotta love being a homeowner and dealing with issues like this!

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