Weekend adventures

Happy Weekend Everyone!

My day started THANKFULLY with a workout. I have really slacked this week, and I was able to get to the gym before the day got crazy

You must try this leg exercise, I was shaking when I got to number 3, and I know I am going to feel this one tomorrow

Next up, this weekend there is a homecoming and the parade was this morning



I took Andrew and my nephew and they had a blast!

Next up, Andrew’s soccer game


They played really well, but I know it was hot for them

After that…. they day consisted of working in the kitchen on that darn sink!!! Unfortuantly, my dad and brother were not able to fix it, but did find the problem of a large greasy clog. GREAT. So I am trying this baking soda and vinegar method. If this doesn’t work, I will have to pay too much money call in the big guns. Till then, I will live like this


Then the family got together for one last dinner before the twins come. They told my sister in law they won’t let her go passed 37 weeks because the babies are already measuring big! Big Boy is 7lbs 13oz and Little lady is 6lb 5oz. Thats 14lbs of JUST BABY!!!!

Ok. enough baby talk, I just can’t wait till they get here! Time for dessert, morning glory muffins with almond butter


Question for you:

If you have house issue, who do you call?

-My younger brother and my dad are amazing! and help me it seems like once a month with house stuff. I am so lucky to have them

5 thoughts on “Weekend adventures”

  1. I usually call my dad and he walks me through whatever the issue is (he’s almost 3 hours away 😦 ) And if he can’t help me, then I ask my friends who grew up here if they know anyone who can fix whatever it is that I need help with… Luckily, most of the time, I’ve been able to handle the issue on my own! Like last month when I had to change a tire…it really wasn’t that hard!!!

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