14lbs of baby

After a long day for my brother and sister in law, the babies finally made their appearance at 11:43 and 11:47 (thats right. 4 minutes! between each!) My sister in law is my hero!

Introducing Fiona and Seamus 🙂


My brother and Fiona


Crazy 14lbs of baby


Mr Seamus


My brother, dad, and the babies


Also my nephew and I were buds on Friday, and he got this superman outfit from the babies. He was pumped


I have to say I love these babies so much already! They are adorable and they are doing so well, so is  my brother and sister in law.

Unfortuantly, I have to work this week, but I know they will have plenty of visitors and hopefully they will let me help when they go home 🙂

Question for you:
Who is the most recent baby that you have held?

-I last held Fiona 🙂


5 thoughts on “14lbs of baby”

  1. I haven’t held a baby in ages… honestly I don’t remember. I haven’t held very many babies in my entire life. Congrats to your family on the new arrivals though- those are some big twins! 14 lbs… wow!

  2. ummm…last baby…I honestly can’t remember the last little new baby! I think I recently held one at church that was about 6-9 mo old, but that doesn’t really count! They are so stinking cute…enjoy!!

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