A day of babies

This past week has put a large strain on my shoulders, I have been trying to stay positive, but each day is a new challenge. I am just going to take one day at a time. Today, I was lucky enough to see THREE babies! (yep. I might be a baby hog)

This is a conversation I had with Andrew tonight about seeing Toby (a previous NICU baby) and Seamus and Fiona (my neice and nephew)

“Guess who I saw tonight?” me
“who?” Andrew
“Seamus and Fiona” me
“Darn it” ANdrew
“and guess who else?”
“Darn it. You are a baby hog!” andrew
“No I’m not. Im a baby lover” me
“thats the same thing”
Hahaha well at least Andrew understands

My day started off with a trip to the gym. I knew I would be gone from 9-4, and after that Andrew would be home from school. So I headed up there at 7;30 and did this leg workout again. It is a great workout!


After that it was a quick shower, and over to see Toby. This is the baby I had with me over the summer for a week. There were lots of tears shed with new news about adoption. (I swear, I just want one day without tears this week)

Next up, the twins!


I had so much fun with them!


I even planned ahead and brought my lunch, leftover steak and cauliflower mashed potatoes


This way they didn’t need to cook for me, and I had healthy options.

Finally a trip to Trader Joe’s before heading to get Andrew

P1080128(yup. I stock piled the almond flour haha)

I wanted to try this grass fed butter, suggested by Tiffany

P1080130(hopefully this is what she was talking about haha)

Even though my day started off a little on the sad side, I really did have a good day. Now for a good nights sleep and a free weekend with Andrew 🙂

Question for you:

How many siblings do you have?

-I have two brothers and I am right in the middle. Maybe one day I will do a post of old photos 🙂

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