Weekly workouts

Well sorry for being a day late, but this weekend was so nice and relaxing with Andrew, so the last thing I wanted to do was blog. It was nice to take a break away. After a difficult weekend at work, the past weekend was a HUGE blessing.

Even though the week was rough to start, I finally found my groove back into the gym. Let me tell you, after Friday and Saturdays workout, I was finding it hard to lift my arms or sit haha

Sunday: rest

Monday: 45 min elliptical, 15 min bike, and then a 4mile bike ride with Andrew

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 30 min elliptical after 12 hours

Thursday: rest

Friday: 15 min bike at the gym then this awesome leg workout

Saturday: 25 min elliptical and this amazing arm workout. Then a 6 mile bike ride with the family. I pulled my nephew on Saturday and my legs were on fire from Fridays workout and pulling over 50lbs haha

Question for you:

What is your favorite body area to workout?

-I would say my arms, least favorite LEGS!

4 thoughts on “Weekly workouts”

  1. I LOVE a good leg workout! However, with this stinky hamstring injury, and 2 weeks off of legs and now looking at 2 more weeks, I’ve been double focused on arms…by the time I can use my legs again for a workout, my arms will be as big as my legs! Ha! Soon I’ll just start walking on my hands…

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