Feeling back to normal

I finally feel like I am getting back to myself! After a rough week or so, I finally got my bearings. After some good workouts and getting some MUCH needed sleep, I feel a BILLION times better. Today was no exception! I woke up and got the grocery shopping done.

Check out the sugar in these raisins!!!! GEEZ!


I headed to the gym for my favorite class, and was greatly anxious that the focus was on arms. After the arm workout a few days ago and this class, I swore they were going to fall off! haha Home for a quick wardrobe change


I then picked up Andrew who is riding his bike around like a pro πŸ™‚


I then ended the night going through my recipe book.


I save many recipes, but never get to them, or forget about them. I mean who wants to look through that book! Cleaning it out of “junk” is defiantly needed. Most of these recipes are weight watchers or “healthy-ish” haha. I need to revamp.

Question for you:
Where do you keep all your recipes? in a book? on your phone?

3 thoughts on “Feeling back to normal”

  1. Dried fruit is SO high in sugar…one of my big pitfalls — dried figs and dates…they are dangerous around here…I can’t eat just one, it’s like they just keep calling me back for more. I finally had to stop buying dried fruit!
    If I find an online recipe that I like and is a success, I copy it to a document and store it on my computer. If it becomes one of my “regulars” then I’ll print it. (also helps when I’m sending along to friends!! πŸ™‚ ) I keep them by my cookbooks, but I’m thinking of putting them in plastic sleeves and in a binder so it’s easier to find. In my cookbooks, if they are regulars in my supper rotation, I’ll put in a sticky note so it’s easier to find.

  2. Dried fruit is high in sugar, calorie dense, and honestly… it’s usually not that good. Plus with raisins I eat too many of em. Fruit in general is high in sugar but at least it’s natural sugars. I mean an apple has a lot of sugar but it’s still much better for you than candy or something because there’s vitamins and fiber there too.

    I usually bookmark recipes on my computer… then never make them. Haha.

  3. I have cookbooks I buy or I save recipes online. I did just get a magazine from my mom’s boss that had a good roast pork recipe in it. Otherwise, I don’t tend to have printed recipes.
    Actually, one exception is the recipes from my mom and grandmother. They are in the Longaberger Recipe Basket. πŸ™‚

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