Going through a change

This weeks grocery trip was filled with some necessities and some randoms. Lately, I have been eating very “clean” or paleo which ever way you would like to put it. Lucky for me, I have a great friend who is helping me along the way, and also giving help just in general. I tell you it makes a HUGE difference to have someone standing next to you along the way.

I started eating better for a number of reasons. First, my stomach was killing me, so much so that I was seeing a doctor about it. Each morning I would wake up, and for about an hour I would have many cramps and pains.

Another reason, was my mood swings. I know that my family and friends can confirm (of course when I’m not around haha) that one minute I will be fine, and the next I am a MOODY son of a…. well you know.

I also want to lose weight. Many of you are not new to my blogs, in that I have been trying to get rid of this weight for some time. I was weighing myself each day, and then beating myself up when it didn’t say I lose enough. (that has officially ended by the way) But I know for myself, that if I eat carbs or sweets, I don’t stop at one cookie. I eat the whole pan. Once I was able to get control of what I ate, I still had the other reactions to the food, and realized. I don’t want to be in pain. Or be a crabby patty any more!

I was beginning to see a pattern. When I ate carbs and sugar, the next day I was a snobby, cranky, lazy, (and in pain) lady to be  around.  And I was sick of it.

I have been following this plan for a few weeks, and I tell you it is EASY! I just have to plan ahead, that is still the part I am working on. For work, I make sure the night before I have morning glory muffins, and leftovers from the dinner the night before.

My main goal is to live a healthy life (and get some of this weight off!) and to get Andrew on board. It is actually really cool that when he eats here it is pretty decent, but when he spends the night at his dad’s or even my parents, he will come home the next day and he says his stomach hurts because he didn’t eat good food! I wish I would have started to make the connection at 8! (although we have been talking about making good food choices)

I am not here to change how others are eating, or telling everyone to eat “clean”. My goal is just to share in my transformation!

Question for you:

Have you ever gone through a transformation, or change that you are proud of?

5 thoughts on “Going through a change”

  1. Keep up the great effort! It will be SO worth it…change is hard, and challenging and so rewarding…I am currently in a workout transition…for so long I’ve been considered “a runner”, now I haven’t been running in months and I’m transitioning into “a lifter”. I’ll let you know how I manage as I work through it! It’s scarey and fun all at the same time!

  2. I have been eating total crap lately which has turned into major mood swings, crankiness, being emotional, etc. It is so hard to get out of that spiral! I keep feeling ready and then feel blindsided by things, like events out, treats for special occasions, lack of time to cook. Right now, I just feel out of control but need to get it back again. Like you said, it is about being healthy!

    1. I can say it took me SEVERAL attempts to finally get to it. Knowing that I want to finally make that change fo me and for andrew makes all the difference. And after the first few weeks, it is a now second nature! and I feel a BILLION times better. Just take it a day at a time, you can do it!

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