What I ate Wednesday: 12 hour shift

This week has defiantly been interesting. As of Wednesday, I have worked five 12 hour shifts in a row. I knew that i needed to be prepared for those few days, if I wanted to stay away from the junk food at work.

I first started off with a crockpot of stew


Look at the sweet potato my aunt grew in her garden!


I also had leftover sausage, potato, and peppers baked in the over, and a rotisserie chicken from Sam’s. I have a few different things each week so I don’t get bored and eat the junk.

So this is how a 12 hour shift of food goes…….

Breakfast: Made at home. This week has been big on protein pancakes.


And they keep me full till 10:30! At that time, I have bacon (made at home), a mini morning glory muffin + almond butter

Around noon I usually have some cashews

2pm Is lunch time in the NICU world. I also have cucumbers, and dates for dessert


5pm another mini glory muffin OR apple with almond butter


8pm A small dinner. Basically something different than lunch. I have to keep it different!


This it is time to pack up for the next day, and hit the hay

Question for you:

What is the longest shift/day you have ever worked?

-I had a rough day in the NICU and didn’t end up leaving till almost 10. (usually leave at 7:30!)

New recipe: protein almond pancake

I know i have been trying lots of new recipes,  and this one isn’t THAT different that than the banana pancake. But I basically woke up one morning WITHOUT BANANAS!!! It was a disaster haha

So I tried googling or just looking for a new recipe to try. I gave up, and made my own.

And this one is REALLY good and keeps me full for almost 5 hours!



Protein Almond Pancake


-2 eggs

-1 scoop vanilla protein powder

-1/2 cup pumpkin

-2 tbsp almond flour

-1 tbsp cinnamon

-1 tsp baking powder

-1 tbsp olive oil


-Mix all ingredients (except oil)

-Place skillet on medium heat

-Spray or place olive oil in skillet to heat up

-Place ingredients in skillet in shape of a pancake

-Flip after top starts to bubble

-Cook other side



I top mine with butter and a little almond butter. But the toppings are endless, like a banana if I had one! haha

Question for you:

What ingredient do you use most in your kitchen?

-I would say we go through carrots pretty quick in our house.

Weekly Workouts: Balanced Life

What an interesting week.….. Lots of working, and not a whole lot of working out. Darn 12 hour shifts

BUT I did have a lot of fun. FIrst, with hula hoops, grocery shopping and time with my neice and nephew, and of course the Halloween Party.

I have been trying to find a balance between life, work, and Andrew. It is not always easy. And this week was no different. Luckily, I kept my food under check thanks to sparkspeople.com and I didn’t gain any weight.



Sunday: no workout

Monday: 12 hour shift

Tuesday: 12 hour shift

Wednesday: no workout 😦

Thursday: 30  min ellptical + strength workout

Friday: no workout  😦

Saturday: 12 hour shift + 30 min elliptical

Goals this week: Plan workouts and stick to them. Even if they are the dreaded workouts at home. I would rather be at the gym 🙂


Question for you:

What workout did you do this week?

How do you fit workouts in to a busy schedule?

Halloween Costume Surprise

Each year, my friend Jenn from highschool and her boyfriend Matt have a pretty awesome Halloween Party. This year I was off work, and I had a costume!

It took a few trips to find an outfit…mostly because I wanted to get the best deal 🙂


Did anyone guess the costume?!?! Well this year, I was Mary Poppins 🙂


Hat: Walmart $6

Flowers: Walmart $0.97 x2

White shirt: Walmart $15 (and can be worn again!)

Coat: previously owned

Bow tie: Kohls, but you could make it with a piece of red ribbon and a hot glue gun

Skirt: borrowed from my sister in law (along with the umbrella)

Tights and boots: previously owned by

Spoonful of sugar: Old allegra bottle, piece of white paper and a permanent marker. and a spoon from home

Mary Poppins really was an easy costume to get together. And only about 23 bucks! Can’t beat that

Paper doll, Peg from Married with Children, Mary Poppins, Price is Right, Royal Baby
Paper doll, Peg from Married with Children, Mary Poppins, Price is Right, Royal Baby

It was also great to get together with girls that I have known for over ten years! Crazy to think we graduated in 2003!

Question for you:
Will you dress up for Halloween?

What is your favorite costume you dressed up as a kiddo?

-I was a bunch of grapes

When workouts fall off the schedule

The past few days have been a bit busy. Yesterday I  had my nephew in the morning. We tried to make it to the gym, but they wouldn’t watch him because I’m not his legal guardian (I understand, but really needed a workout)


So instead we played alittle soccer. I then went and helped with the twins. Who are still adorable as ever! And then I went out with friends for the first Cardinals game of the World Series (although, that was just a practice round since it went so bad haha)

Today was more running around for Halloween costumes, and groceries

P1080363I feel like there is always an empty frig. And Andrew isn’t even a teenager yet haha

P1080370 P1080371 P1080372 P1080373 P1080374 P1080375 P1080376

The lonely bananas…… haha

Then I worked the book fair at Andrew’s school and then ran to the gym. I HAD to get a workout in today. This week is just pathetic!

Now I am going to my first community group through my church. I am kind of nervous to meet new people and not seem like a dork…. we shall see haha

Question for you:

How do you squeeze in workouts?

Do you notice when you miss a workout?

What I sometimes miss….

One day at work, this showed up……

candy corn

It is probably one of my favorite fall snacks, and it always appears at work (because I don’t have it in my house). I was telling a friend how much I liked the sweet and salty snack, she offered some of hers (multiple times) with which I responded “no thanks.” “I’m good” and she asked WHY. I replied, my stomach will hate me later. I will be doubled over in pain.

they looked at me like I was crazy haha



I know that sugary, carby, junk food does a number to stomach, so I could eat it, and REALLY enjoy  it, but then pay for it for hours ORRRR I could just not eat it.

I choose the later. And now that I have found some yummy recipes, I don’t even need them

But of course there are some things I miss……

  • Sugary Starbucks. I really want a pumpkin spiced latte
  • Ted Drewes ice cream. You just can’t beat it (if you are from St Louis, or are Angela and Riffany you understand haha)
  • Oatmeal. I know it sounds weird, but especially now that it is fall, I miss the warm bowl of yummy goodness
  • Dairy. I have decided (and my tummy) that dairy isn’t our friend. I think if I was in a pinch, I would eat it for protein

And some things I am excited to make or try….

I know there are a million things

Question for you:

Are there any foods you stay away from, either from allerigies, diet, etc

A perfect Sunday with a hula hoop

I can not tell you how happy I am. It is Sunday evening, and I sitting here so content. I know that sounds strange to say, but a few weeks ago, I did not feel that way. But today was SO different…

Andrew and I both slept in till 8 or so. Just how I like Sundays to start. I of course started with coffee


And a new coffee recipe! This is a pumpkin spice latte recipe from civilized caveman

Next up, getting Toby 🙂 He just always makes my day. And the fall weather 😉

P1080328(Toby is a baby I watched for a week over the summer, and I still see him every week. I absolutely adore him. So we had him for the day!)

We headed to Mount Pleasant Winery with a few members of my family. It was such a pretty day

P1080329 - Copy P1080331

There were some hula hoops handy…

P1080341 P1080347 P1080351

Andrew got really good and had a competition with my cousin

We had so much fun! And I love being with Andrew and Toby, it is the perfect day. I wish it didn’t have to end.

Question for you:

What would be included in your perfect day?

Weekly workouts

Those 12 hour shifts just get in my way! haha. Monday was alittle bit of a bust, but my body needed the rest after Saturday night. I always seem to pick it up at the end of the week.

I wanted to try new workouts, and MAN did I get just that! Of course I think my favorite was the cardio kickboxing class. I woke up on Friday feeling sore and satisfied that I worked some great leg muscles. I love waking up sore for a workout!

Sunday: 12 hour shift
Monday:  Just the squat challenge
Tuesday: 12 hour shift
Wednesday:  30 min ellptical + full body workout
Thursday: Cardio kickboxing
Friday: 30 min bike + arm workout + ab workout
Saturday: 12 hour shift

Wednesday was a New body workout that I found on pinterest board. I have found some great workouts on there for future use!


Question for you:

Where do you find your workouts?

Would you rather workout with a group or on your own?

Out with the old, in with the new

The past few days, I have some new things that I wanted to share some of them with you

First, it was time for a new haircut. Feeling much lighter



I also went to my first cardio kickboxing class at my gym. It was AWESOME! I was sweating in about 5 minutes, and I know I will feel it tomorrow.


Nothing like looking like a bright red tomato around the gym fellas haha


I then took 2 more hours to sand the railings in the front, while listening to some country music on spotify.com. Have you heard of it? It is like pandora but A MILLION times better! And it’s free!

Will the sanding EVER be finished!!!


New fall clothes for me and spring clothes for Andrew


Loving kohls and old navy right now


Another new recipe using the paleo rolls. I just heated them, added pasta sauce, grilled chicken and peppers. AND EAT!



Then it was time for capture the flag with Andrew and his boyscout gang


I even got to play and I was the TEAM yellow CAPTAIN


Andrew was on the blue team


It is probably my favorite boy scout meeting

Question for you:

What is something new going on in your life?