Confession and challenge

Before I get to the challenge, I just have a few things to share for my day.

It all started with a good ab workout



I really liked this, although it wasn’t the hardest workout that I have found (yup. I want something more difficult!)

I have another confession: I am obsessed with morning glory muffins


I make a batch each week haha

Now for the challenge.


I have decided to take this challenge in october! Now I just have to decide if I should put it on the frig or in my room as a reminder. Does anyone want to do this with me?

Question for you:

Is there a food you eat/make each week?

Do you want to do the challenge with me!?!? keep eachother accountable 🙂

5 thoughts on “Confession and challenge”

  1. I like those workouts! I’m going to steal the ab one for now…still can’t do squats… 😦 But when I can, I’m up for the challenge!
    Morning Glory Muffins are the bomb! So much good stuff in there…WAY better than the alternatives!
    Nothing that I make for myself each week, but I try to come up with something for the kids. Then they go for it for a week or so, then get tired of it and I’ve got to switch it up again! This week it’s Pumpkin Pucks from Paleo Parents. Who knows what they’ll be into next week!

  2. I finished a squat challenge in September and there is a difference in my booty for sure, it’s 100% worth doing the challenge. The one I did got you up to 250 in a month though. Anyway it’s awesome!!!

    That ab workout seems cool. Thanks!

    The only food I make each week is grilled chipotle chicken, so good. The muffins sound great though.

  3. I want to start making the morning glory muffins too because I ate out for breakfast almost every day this week! That needs to stop!! Now, can you send me the recipe please because I have seemed to misplaced it!

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