A low key sick day

The poor Mr Andrew is sick again. Yesterday, he told me his throat hurt. I knew what was coming. Today he woke up with a swollen face, lymph nodes, and tonsils. 😦 Time to head to the doctor. At least we made it to October before a sick day

After a pretty quick response of a positive strep, we headed to panera for a salad for me, and a smoothie for him. Then some chicken soup


Once we picked up antibiotics, it was a VERY low, key day. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with Andrew, I would just rather be moving. I was able to get in day one of the 30 day Squat Challenge

Later we worked on the mountain of homework


Andrew and I also shared a pear.

P1080194 P1080192

We have a huge bowl full that came from our family farm.  My dad picked them a few weeks ago, and they are getting to be almost ripe. They are delicious!

Question for you:

What is your favorite fruit/veggie to get fresh?

3 thoughts on “A low key sick day”

  1. I love pears :). I wish I had a big basket of them right now too, maybe I’ll pick up a few at the grocery store this week. I hope Andrew feels better soon, maybe the soup will help!

  2. Fresh from the field – warm from the sun – strawberries and raspberries! They just melt in your mouth…otherwise, I’m not much of a fruit person…And I love fresh greens from the farm. Young spinach from the farm is probably my favorite – it’s got such wonderful, full flavor!

    Feel better Andrew! And don’t catch it, Kristen! Hope he’s back to regular in no time!

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