What I ate Wednesday

Another day of eats! Andrew and I were pretty low key since he was home sick with strep. Unfortuantly, I eat way more when I’m home bond and bored, but I didn’t do to bad.

Breakfast: Protein Pancake


(I need to find a new breakfast haha)

Lunch: 1/2 panera fuji salad + veggies


Snack: morning glory muffins


(times a million.)

Dinner: other 1/2 of salad + pieces of steak


I know it doesn’t look like it, but I really did eat a lot of those morning glory muffins. On top of that, I didn’t get a chance to workout since Andrew was sick. But I know tomorrow will be better.

Since Andrew isn’t feeling good (and his tonsils are so swollen they are almost touching) he had a nice treat of ice cream with chocolate chips


Hoping he feels better soon ❤

Question for you:

What do you order when you go to panera?

Any breakfast ideas?

3 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday”

  1. Awe, wishing Andrew a speedy recovery. Bless his poor soul 😦 I usually have either a smoothie or an egg omelet with fruit & ezekiel bread for breakfast

  2. I don’t think that I’ve ever been to Panera.. Maybe that’s a good thing… 🙂
    Breakfast is my favorite meal…I get the real bacon crumbles from Costco so if I want to toss a bit of bacon in my breakfast, I don’t have to cook it! I love mixed greens with fried egg and bacon (avocado, too if I have it!) in the summer, this time of year, its’ sauteed cabbage with egg/bacon/avocado. Or, this week I’ve had fried green tomatoes with eggs/bacon. I dredged the green tomatoes in egg/coconut flour…yum! Or, I’ll just have leftovers from supper. Soup is good – it gets in some fluids since I workout in the morning and the veggies/meat/chicken whatever else is in there holds me over. Gotta think outside the “breakfast food” box!!

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