Meal preparation

Today was the day, to get prepared for the days ahead. I work the next 3 out of 4 days, 12 hour shifts. Which means I have to have food ready and handy, because when I get home at 8pm, it isn’t going to happen.

I usually make two types of meat (steaks, meatballs, burgers), a few vegetables, and of course…morning glory muffins.

I know I talk about the muffins constantly, but as a nurse you don’t always have 30, 20, or even 10 minutes to eat. I need something that I can grab and go, but gives me energy for hours. (unlike the candy bowl in the dieticians office that only gives me energy for about 10, and then I fall even harder when my sugar drops. no.good.)

So for the next few days, I made what was already on hand (I hate wasting food)

I had the oven going for a few hours, but I got everything cooked and ready to go. First up, was morning glory muffins


Then I baked some potatoes and zucchini with some olive oil, and baked an acorn squash


All ready to go for the next couple of days!


I know that if I have healthy food handy, I don’t turn to the cookies and ice cream that can be around. One day I should do a blog about the crap junk food that I see just in ONE 12 hour shift.

Question for you:

Do you make your lunch to take with you to work/school/run errands?

what is your quick and easy snack?

-I also bring cashews with me and an apple/pear

3 thoughts on “Meal preparation”

  1. Nice effort! I should really do more prep like that, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants…not always a good thing.
    As for the blog about the unhealthy food around you at work, you’d have to take pictures to give the full effect! I think it would be mind blowing!

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