Weekly Workouts: learning self defense

Wow. Last week was GREAT! this week, not so much. I believe Andrew being sick, and waking up at all hours of the night, lead to a both of us being all completely off. I still ate paleo, but I just ate way too much. And didn’t move as much as I should

Even with everything that was going on, I still stuck with the squat challenge!! And on Thursday, I had to take a class for work on how to basically take people down that are causing a problem. I will NEVER take care of a situation by myself. The hope is that bringing many people and trying to communicate will de-escalate the situation. If those options don’t work, we have to control the situation, and learn how to do that. And also how to ease the person to the ground. It is not about hurting yourself or others, this class is intense. Basically for 8 1/2 hours, we were up and down off mats. My whole body was hurting.  I had to take ibuprofen! haha. So that counts as a workout to me!

Sunday: rest day

Monday: 30 min ellptical + 300 abs

Tuesday: Day 1 of squat challenge

Wednesday:  Day 2 of squat challenge

Thursday: 8 1/2 hrs in self defensive training. Day 4 Squat challenge: rest

Friday: (12 hr shift) Day 3 of squat challenge

Saturday: 30 min ellptical +arm workout + Day 5 squat challenge

So I will say I am really happy that I am doing the squat challenge. It gets me moving and its an area I want to work on! I wish I would have had more sweaty workouts, but this week is a new start!

Question for you:

What is one workout you did this week?

Have you ever taken a self defense (or something similar) class?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: learning self defense”

  1. I took a self defense class in college. Don’t remember much of it since it was so long ago…I bet a refresher would be good!
    Let’s see…last week I did a double at the gym…I did my regular group training at 530am, went home got the hubs and kiddies out the door, went back to the gym for my upper body workout and while I was there, got talked into doing the group training AGAIN, then finished my upper body workout and abs workout and went on the bike for 20 min! Whew! It was awesome. I finally felt like I got in a good workout after having 4 weeks off of legs with this stinky leg injury. Hoping to be able to get back at it soon, see the Dr. again today!

  2. How cool! I want to take self defense but don’t know where to? Maybe I can see if my town’s rec department could start a free program? I don’t think you should have to pay for a Women’s Self Defense class!

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