That time again?

After a quick workout at the gym (my tuesday class that I love), it was time AGAIN for groceries. Can you believe it?

Veggies: cauliflower, pumpkin, avocado, sweet potato, carrots, and peppers


Dairy: milk and yogurt (for andrew) butter, and whipping cream


I FOUND THE BUTTER AT THE GROCERY STORE! I didn’t have to travel all the the way to Trader Joe’s

Eggs for 88cent! So excited about that


Then I found this chocolate that I hope to bake with.


It is WAY too strong (is that the right word?) for me

Then more painting, and to get Andrew who had a 1/2 day! So we hit the road to my favorite trail for a bike ride


We ended up going 5 miles, and going by some pretty amazing horses.


Question for you:

Who does the grocery shopping in your family?

2 thoughts on “That time again?”

  1. What a nice day! I do the grocery shopping. It’s WAY more dangerous when there are others involved! Ha! As much as i would love the company and the help, not sure I would be willing to give up the control…I’d be afraid of what would come home… 😉
    I went shopping yesterday, too..after the trip to the CSA farm, where I got SO many yummy veggies! Can’t wait to plan out meals this week, there are some goodies! (Butternut squash, rutabaga, peppers, spinach, beets!)

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