Family Dinner + dinner roll recipe

After having a rough couple of weeks, I decided to change things around. I told several friends at work that I was having a positive attitude, and they were given ALL the permission to tell me when to cut it out. And let me tell you IT WORKED!

Today on my day off was no different. I headed to the gym. I tried this new workout, which turned out to be more arms than I expected. But still a good workout!

After doing things around the house, even spray painting the railings out front (oh fun!) I was able to read a few chapters outside.


My view for a half hour was pure bliss

Later that day was family dinner. Where I made apple cinnamon tenderloin.


I have tried this before and loved it, and my family did too! Which was surprising because some of them are picky

I also baked paleo dinner rolls and were the HIT OF DINNER!


(sorry for the dark oven picture)

again I was worried that they would be plain, but they are amazing!

For dessert they had gooey butter cake, so instead I took a roll, sprinkled it with cinnamon, butter and honey and I loved it even better tan the plain rolls!


Seriously, these take 5 minutes to make. 35 to bake and 2 seconds to fall in love with them. Try them!more pictures

And sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the ACTUAL family dinner. I was baby hogging on the twins 🙂

Question for you:

Do you have family dinners?

-We usually meet up about once or twice a week. It was so fun to have all the kids there, since last week Andrew was sick and we were not able to go.

3 thoughts on “Family Dinner + dinner roll recipe”

  1. Just made the rolls tonight…kids and hubs loved them! Thanks for sharing! Mine came out more like the ciabatta roll…I had my oldest daughter make them, so maybe if I do it next time they’ll be more fluffy…it’s a keeper!

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