Weekly workouts

Again, another slow start to the week, but that happens when I work.  My goal for this week is to make the most out of my workouts. After taking my spin class, I realized my cardio workouts have been a bit on the pathetic side. so feel free to keep me on my toes!

I plan on finding some new strength workouts too to share


Sunday: (12 hour shift)

Monday: (12 hour shift)

Tuesday: Favorite hour class at the gym

Wednesday: (12 hour shift)

Thursday: 20 min ellptical + full body workout

Friday: Just Day 11 of the squat challenge

Saturday: First spin class in probably a year!

I have also been following the squat challenge, which has really been awesome. I only had one day that I was really wishing I didn’t have to, but once I get started in only takes a few minutes!

Question for you:

have you ever taken a spin class?

What was your favorite workout this past week?

4 thoughts on “Weekly workouts”

  1. I’ve taken spin 2x. Not my favorite, but it was ok…I’d do it again if someone invited me to join them, but I don’t think I’d make it a regular part of my routine. Last week my favorite workout was on Thursday – my group training workout was awesome, then I went back to do my upper body workout (where I PR’d in bench press!) then I did the group training AGAIN! Followed by an ab workout….when I left the gym, I felt like a million bucks, I was so happy to have such a great workout!

      1. I just love my gym…we joke that it’s like Cheers – everyone knows your name…it’s small and we just go and pull for each other. This morning I did a double since my family had the day off and I didn’t need to rush home to get them all out the door – otherwise the girl in the next group would have been by herself! She NEEDED company, right? 🙂

  2. I’ve done spin a few times and didn’t care for it. It costs extra at my gym and I don’t feel like paying more money a month when I’d probably just do 1-2 spin classes per month. I don’t know why it costs, doesn’t make much sense… but anyway.

    My favorite workout… probably my 6 miler before church on Sunday. It was the strongest run I’ve had since the full. I can’t imagine trying to work out after a 12 hour shift.

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