Out with the old, in with the new

The past few days, I have some new things that I wanted to share some of them with you

First, it was time for a new haircut. Feeling much lighter



I also went to my first cardio kickboxing class at my gym. It was AWESOME! I was sweating in about 5 minutes, and I know I will feel it tomorrow.


Nothing like looking like a bright red tomato around the gym fellas haha


I then took 2 more hours to sand the railings in the front, while listening to some country music on spotify.com. Have you heard of it? It is like pandora but A MILLION times better! And it’s free!

Will the sanding EVER be finished!!!


New fall clothes for me and spring clothes for Andrew


Loving kohls and old navy right now


Another new recipe using the paleo rolls. I just heated them, added pasta sauce, grilled chicken and peppers. AND EAT!



Then it was time for capture the flag with Andrew and his boyscout gang


I even got to play and I was the TEAM yellow CAPTAIN


Andrew was on the blue team


It is probably my favorite boy scout meeting

Question for you:

What is something new going on in your life?

3 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the new”

  1. I love Spotify! I find all kinds of cool music on there and you can’t beat free. Yeah, there are ads but you can upgrade too, and there’s fewer ads than the radio (plus you can pick what you want to hear. Love it.

    Your new haircut is super cute too- I got mine cut a few weeks ago but it’s not super noticeable. Glad you liked the cardio kickbox class at the gym too- I wish we had that, but at least we have BodyPump and yoga 🙂

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