A perfect Sunday with a hula hoop

I can not tell you how happy I am. It is Sunday evening, and I sitting here so content. I know that sounds strange to say, but a few weeks ago, I did not feel that way. But today was SO different…

Andrew and I both slept in till 8 or so. Just how I like Sundays to start. I of course started with coffee


And a new coffee recipe! This is a pumpkin spice latte recipe from civilized caveman

Next up, getting Toby 🙂 He just always makes my day. And the fall weather 😉

P1080328(Toby is a baby I watched for a week over the summer, and I still see him every week. I absolutely adore him. So we had him for the day!)

We headed to Mount Pleasant Winery with a few members of my family. It was such a pretty day

P1080329 - Copy P1080331

There were some hula hoops handy…

P1080341 P1080347 P1080351

Andrew got really good and had a competition with my cousin

We had so much fun! And I love being with Andrew and Toby, it is the perfect day. I wish it didn’t have to end.

Question for you:

What would be included in your perfect day?

4 thoughts on “A perfect Sunday with a hula hoop”

  1. What a great day! And the scenery was beautiful! Next time, I’m coming with you! 🙂 I’ll just need a few hours notice so I can book a flight…HA! So glad you had a great time…and a wonderful, content day…you so deserve it!
    My perfect day would also include some good coffee, beautiful scenery, fall sights/smells and a hike up a mountain…with a picnic lunch on top.

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