What I sometimes miss….

One day at work, this showed up……

candy corn

It is probably one of my favorite fall snacks, and it always appears at work (because I don’t have it in my house). I was telling a friend how much I liked the sweet and salty snack, she offered some of hers (multiple times) with which I responded “no thanks.” “I’m good” and she asked WHY. I replied, my stomach will hate me later. I will be doubled over in pain.

they looked at me like I was crazy haha



I know that sugary, carby, junk food does a number to stomach, so I could eat it, and REALLY enjoy  it, but then pay for it for hours ORRRR I could just not eat it.

I choose the later. And now that I have found some yummy recipes, I don’t even need them

But of course there are some things I miss……

  • Sugary Starbucks. I really want a pumpkin spiced latte
  • Ted Drewes ice cream. You just can’t beat it (if you are from St Louis, or are Angela and Riffany you understand haha)
  • Oatmeal. I know it sounds weird, but especially now that it is fall, I miss the warm bowl of yummy goodness
  • Dairy. I have decided (and my tummy) that dairy isn’t our friend. I think if I was in a pinch, I would eat it for protein

And some things I am excited to make or try….

I know there are a million things

Question for you:

Are there any foods you stay away from, either from allerigies, diet, etc

1 thought on “What I sometimes miss….”

  1. I know it’s not exactly the same, but ice cream made from coconut milk is really yummy and rich…it might make a good replacement…and for the oatmeal, I have another recipe that I’ve made for the girls using some almond meal…it really is very yummy and filling. This summer I made them some homemade granola for when we went to the cabin in the mountains…it was fabulous! Definitely a special treat item and not an “everyday” item…very rich and a little expensive. I might make it again for them for Christmas… I’ll send along the recipes!!!

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