Weekly Workouts: working extra

Wait till you see my work and workout schedule this week……..

Saturday: 12 hr shift 30 min elliptical

SundaY; 12 hr shift

Monday: 12 hr shift

Tuesday: 12 hr shift

Wednesday: 12 hr shift

Thursday: Halloween! 20 min elliptical + Angie’s full body  circuit

Friday: 12 hr shift

Saturday: 30 min elliptical + arm workout

Yep. I picked up TWO EXTRA 12 hour shifts. Call me crazy. But the week,  even though it was long, I survived (and made some good Christmas money)

Even though I didn’t workout nearly as hard as I wanted to, I still lost a 1/2 a lb! I also have been taking my measurements at the beginning of the month, and they all went down! (except my arms…might be the arm workout… and sanding all the railings at my house haha)

And the only way I lost weight this week was because I got a lot of sleep, and I watched what I ate. I kept track as much as I could this week, and it made a BIG difference. Knowing that I love morning glory muffins, I also know that even though they are “paleo”, eating a bunch a day, equals way too many carbs. So I took a step back, and went back to the basics. Meat. Vegetables. Fats. Some fruits. And thats when I started to lose again.

Even though the workouts were not hours of workouts, I still feel great and my clothes are feeling much better. Now to lose the 30lbs!! But it is just one week at a time!

Question for you:

How many days/hours a week do you workout?

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