Haunted House after Halloween

Today it officially hit me that I worked five 12 hr shifts, and then didn’t stop this weekend. But there was no stopping today!

I had a great breakfast with this fella


Then I took off running: groceries, visit with nicu baby, cafeteria duty at Andrew’s school. And then I took an hour break.Just me and my book! At first I felt guilty that I took that time for myself, and I didn’t head to the gym, but my body needed the rest..

…because then it was time to spray paint the front railings….

P1080441 P1080440

finally…. and this is just the primer


looks like our own little haunted house haha


Then Andrew and I played alittle baseball together. This was the look I got when I told him we had to go in


haha. We had a great time, so I have to get rid of the guilt from not making it to the gym, but still moving with Andrew (and around the house!)

Question for you:

How do you make time for yourself?

1 thought on “Haunted House after Halloween”

  1. No guilt! You needed the rest and down time after all of that work! Playing baseball with Andrew is exercise, and you had fun, too! Double goodness! I love the haunted look…can’t wait to see the rails after you are all done…you’ve been working hard on those…looking good!
    I fit my gym time in before everyone is awake and I try to take some “me” time in the evening after all of the dust settles. Though lately, it’s become “fall asleep” time! This weekend I get to have girlfriend time…I’m really looking forward to it. NYC with 3 grade school friends. Can’t beat that!

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