Great Finds for motivation

The past few days, I have been pretty busy. If I haven’t been working, I have been working around the house. (isn’t that just life?!?!) I will say that picking up extra shifts at work, have really taken its toll.

On Friday (my one day off) I woke up feeling exhausted, and down on myself. I felt fat, was feeling lazy and the negative talk just kept coming and coming. So I dropped Andrew off at school, and headed straight to the gym.


I knew that if I didn’t I would head back to bed, get nothing accomplished, and the negative talk would continue.

I also feel a BILLION times better when I work out. Which has also been apart of the problem this week. I know that when I don’t get to the gym, I not only feel more “squishy” but I also feel more down. I just need to make workouts a priority, and not an option.


Caityln from Healthy Tipping Point had a great post on how to get in workouts, but more importantly how to make time for yourself without the guilt. And how to fit in workouts, when we say we don’t have time.

Other great finds:

GO TO paleo recipes from Everyday Paleo

Chicken and Apple Sausage from PaleOMG

-Robb Wolf had a great post about being consumed by food and how we can become so engrossed with what we CAN and CAN’T eat, that we don’t enjoy life.

-A few weeks ago, I also started tracking my food. I came to found I was eating WAYYYYY to many carbs (darn you paleo rolls. you taste SO good!) This article helped me with understanding why I should track (I am the emotional eater haha)

-Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers had this great 24minute boot camp workout,

(I just finished this workout after a 12 hour shift. It flew by, and I was sweating in no time!)
Question for you:

Anything new you have found recently?

1 thought on “Great Finds for motivation”

  1. I read an article I totally disagreed with but I don’t have the link and wouldn’t rather share it anyway. LoL. It was bashing fitspo pictures but in the wrong way I think. People read too much into those things! Great links today!

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