Two different Elves

I hope everyone is having a great Black Friday/rest day from work. I unfortunately, had to work today, but I was able to get a few deals at Target last night. (now I am beat. how do people shop for HOURRSSSS haha)

The day started with a trip from Justin.


Our Elf is back and ready to go. Andrew was reading the book he comes with each year.


I wanted to pass along this letter that I used to print from Justin. All I did was copy and paste a square over their names, and put Andrew on the top, and Justin on the bottom. Super easy!

Elf on the Shelf Intro Letter

(letter can be found here as well)

I think Justin defiantly starts the Christmas Season. My parents and Andrew also got the tree today, and this week we are going to put up decorations! YEA for Christmas YEA for being off work  haha


Elf 4 Health Challenge: Track water intake


Today was no problem. I drink TONS of water at work (unless I have a sick kiddo) and I could tell this morning that I needed the water. I didn’t go crazy on the food yesterday, but with the food and not a lot of sleep, my body wasn’t feeling the best. So lots of H2O:

Question for you:

Do you have trouble getting your water intake?

Does you family have an Elf?

2 thoughts on “Two different Elves”

  1. I saw where the elf show was on TV last night. People do some crazy things with those elves. I’m sure my parents are glad it wasn’t around when I was a kid, lol. Glad you got all your water in, definitely important for post-holiday food digestion.

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