Making time is sometimes hard to do

Today was a busy day, but so amazing to have the day off with Andrew.

Things done:

  • spin class
  • target
  • spray paint railings
  • paint doors
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • print xmas cards
  • got our tree put up!

I swear after spin class, I got A TON of endorphins and I was able to get so much done. I felt great! I wish I could workout like that everyday.

Also, Justin must have had a blast last night, because he and the lego guys were cruising along haha

P1080595 P1080594


Elf 4 Health Challenge: Treat yourself to something special today

This was alittle tricky for me. I as so busy getting things together around my house, that I didn’t really think of what I could do. I would have loved to get a massage, a mani/pedi and then taken a nap haha. Instead Andrew and I rented a movie and had a low kept a low key night, which sounds perfect to me.

UPDATE: I actually did get something just for me. I was just browsing the online deals, and came across Shoe Carnival that was having certain reebox shoes on sale for 50% off! I have been wearing my reebox reflex (That I LOVE!) but they were starting to get a bit rough looking (I have had them for YEARS!) It was time and the sale was a sign haha.


It was still hard pressing the “Complete order” button, just because I still have a hard time spending money on myself for things like this. Now for a new windshield….haha

Question for you:

What would you do for today’s challenge?

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