Weekly Workouts

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Andrew and I have been running all around town doing lots of fun things. More on the tomorrow~

Workout wise, this week was weak. The spin class defiantly was the highlight of the week.  So we won’t dwell on those….

  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: 12 hour shift
  • Tuesday: 12 hour shift
  • Wednesday: 35 min bike + new circuit workouts
  • Thursday: 12 hour shift
  • Friday: 12 hour shift
  • Saturday: 60 min spin class

~~~~~ Elf 4 Health Challenge: 100 burpess

I got those bad boys in after Andrew went to bed. After 25, I thought to myself “I should have done these earlier” haha. I ended up breaking them up into 25. And doing a set for the commercials. DONE!


Of course, Justin met us this morning while climbing the Christmas Tree.

P1080619 P1080620

That little devil. I should have made small weights and had him working out too haha. Maybe soon

Question for you:

Love or hate burpees?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts”

  1. 12 hour shifts kill me. I keep telling myself that I’ll head to the gym after work, but I never do! I try to wear my gym clothes under my scrubs (since I wear spandex shorts and tighter tank tops to work out) so I won’t have an excuse, but 7pm is late. Especially when you work the next day! So my heavy work weeks = light workout weeks.

      1. I just wear Nike shorts (the Pro combat ones), so those are basically like underwear, and then I wear an Under Armour tank top in place of wearing a regular tank top (which I wear under my scrubs). So it’s not many extra layers!

  2. I don’t mind burpees. In fact, we have a running joke at the gym that since I can’t do them I just tell everyone that I’m dying to do them and they have to do them for me. When I’m back to 100% I’m going to do 100 in a row.

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