My elf needs motivation

Over the past days, I have been working in the NICU for at least 12 hours. This results in following the other Elf4health Elves, but not being able to completely participate. But today I am off work and I was able to tackle them! I also have some great circuit workouts that I have found to share. These workouts can be done at home, and even during commercials!!


Sunday: 20 things you are thankful for

1.) Andrew. He is my everything

2.) My mom. She does so  much with Andrew and comes over at 6:15am when I have to work

3.) My dad. He helps me each day by getting Andrew from school, and projects around my house

4.) My brothers. I am lucky to have two!

5.) I have my dream job. I work in the NICU and would not want to do anything else

6.) My extended family. I am lucky to have most of my mom’s side live in St Louis

7.) My health. Right now I may not be feeling 100%, but I know alot of people deal with MUCH worse daily

8.) My home. I was lucky to purchase my first house when I was 26

9.) My work family. When you are there 3 days a week, they become your friends, counselors, and support.

10.) My car. Working in the NICU, I see a lot of people who don’t have transportation. I take my car for granted.

11.) My friends. I have friends from gradeschool, highschool, and college that I still see. I even have a friend I met in preschool!

12.) Christmas. I am lucky this Christmas to have the money to buy for others, some I don’t even know

13.) My second family. I have known the Cupp family since I was ten. They are like my parents and brothers and sisters (we act like it too! haha)

14.) My education. Again, going through school was probably not easy on my parents bank account, but I am so lucky for what I have learned

15.) My blog family. I have met so many true friends on here. I talk to them sometimes on a daily basis!

16.) Andrew’ sense of humor and kindness. He reminds me what is truly important in life


17.) The NICU babies. I have grown very close to many of these babies, some only stay a short time, others for months.

18.) Christmas movies. My favorite is “Its A Wonderful Life”. Tonight, we are watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

19.) The adults in Andrew’s life. Each has made such an impact on Andrew already, and he is only 8. It takes a village I tell ya

20.) The paleo diet. I know this sounds weird, but I haven’t had any belly problems or pains in months!


Monday: Try a Circuit workout

I have some great ones posted here! For inspiration for others to try 🙂


Today I am going to be trying this workout 🙂

Question for you:

What is one thing you are thankful for?

Have you ever tried Body Pump or Crossfit?

3 thoughts on “My elf needs motivation”

  1. I BodyPump frequently, and while it’s a full body workout, it’s nothing like CrossFit. I think BodyPump is a great workout though because it combines both cardio and weights, and many women won’t lift weights outside of a class environment like BodyPump.

    I loved reading your list of what you’re thankful for. I’m thankful for a lot, especially just all the blessings from this past year like being able to run a marathon and buy a home. I try not to take those for granted because when you think about it, such a small percentage of the population gets to do those things.

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