Weekly Workouts

This week the workouts were so much better! I lost another 1/2 lb (hey better than nothing!)  I picked up another 12 hour shift, my last for awhile. This makes me happy because I need to be with Andrew more. I have been missing him, and even though I love my job, I hate not being with him.

On Thursday, after my 12 hour shift, I was approached by a nurse who was not very nice. Actually, she was very aggressive. It ended up in a very heated conversation, and I was flustered and upset. Instead of going home and eating the whole fridge, or eating ice cream (like I wanted!), or drink a bottle a wine (like the nurses told me!) I headed to the gym. It was the best 30 minutes, and I was able to calm down, head home, and relax before bed. I know that if I hadn’t taken that time, I would have internalized that negativity.

Sunday:  12 hr shift

Monday: off day

Tuesday: 35 elliptical + circuit workout

Wednesday: 12 hr shift 30 min bike

Thursday: 12 hr shift 30 min elliptical

Friday: 12 hr shift

Saturday: 40 min spin class

Question for you:

What is one workout you had this week?

Are you trying to lose, gain, or maintain your weight?

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