Wrapping all the goodies

In just one short week, Andrew and I will be celebrating Christmas. Thats right, Santa will be visiting us on Sunday the 22nd because Andrew will be with his dad on Christmas. This will be our first Christmas apart (don’t even get me started on that! I haven’t run out of tears yet haha)

So this past week and weekend, I have been a busy elf wrapping


(my one gift to myself)

My room looked like a tornado went through


This present is going to be a good one for Andrew 🙂


All packed away and ready for Saturday night


Justin has also been really busy around the house

P1080743 P1080745 P1080746

Question for you:

What night do you celebrate with your family?

2 thoughts on “Wrapping all the goodies”

  1. We have both sides of the family over for Christmas Breakfast and then usually have dinner with Rob’s family somewhere (depending on who hosts it). We’re thinking about hosting both next year but that sounds so daunting! I don’t really get much time with my family (my parents have church Christmas morning 9-12ish) or with just Rob though.

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