New reebox kicks + weekly workouts

I will be short and sweet with the workouts. I didn’t get much in at the beginning of the week, but at the end I was getting some major booty! And my legs were defiantly feeling it Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! And I lost another 1/2 lb- I’ll take it!

Sunday: day off

Monday: 12 hour shift

Tuesday: 12 hour shift

Wednesday: 30 min bike + circuit workout

Thursday: kickboxing class

Friday: 12 hour shift

Saturday: 60 min spin class

but onto the good stuff……..


A week or so ago, Elf 4 Health had a day where the challenge was Treat Yourself. I had a really hard time with this, because if I get myself something I feel guilty. Even if it is 50 dollars, I feel that the money could go to the house or to Andrew. I even have a better time spending 100s on others and Andrew.

So for this challenge I thought long and hard, and I almost didn’t do it UNTIL had a deal online!


I was totally game for that! especially since I needed a new pair. My old ones were REALLY beat up

When they arrived I was so excited to try them out, unfortunately they were too big.


I headed to the store here in St Louis, and they didn’t have them in stock or couldn’t find them online 😦 They must have been a discontinued pair. Luckily, I was able to pick out a new pair from the store!

P1080763(still missing my old ones…..)

On Wednesday, I tried them out for the first time on the bike and then a circuit. On Thursday, I tried kickboxing  and they were awesome. Only problem, is the right is rubbing on my back heel, only a band-aid can fix.

I really am glad I decided to spend the money, I know it was worth it.

Question for you:

What is your favorite pair of workout shoes?

3 thoughts on “New reebox kicks + weekly workouts”

  1. I LOVE the pink and gray! Did I tell you my feet got bigger? From all the foot problems, I went up a half a size so half of my sneakers (or my knee high boots!) don’t fit. I can’t stand to spend the money on sneakers either though I would really love to! Do you think I can shrink them down again with foot exercises? I think I should try!

  2. I Love my Merrill’s. I have 2 pairs, one for everyday and one for the gym. I think that come springtime I will get another pair for everyday (these are getting kind of beat up!) They are called the Dash Glove and at first I didn’t like the new version, but it’s grown on’s hot pink and day glow yellow!

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