30 before 29: Week 2

Another week to lose 30 before July 16th. This week my brother and dad jumped on board to our weight lose challenge! I hope that we continue this forever! I love that I have others to report to, and I really want to win! (we are a bit competitive)

Measurements: Lost 2 1/2 lbs

Week 1: 0 lost

Week 2: – 2 1/2


Nutrition:  AWESOME!

This week I got rid of my cookie addiction! (I put them in the freezer. out of sight. out of mind) I even got my carbs under 60! Most days were around 50. I was SOOO happy. I am really impressed with this, even if I didn’t lose. Last week I was having a hard time.


Workouts: eek.

This week was not the best, because of work.But the end of the week defiantly was getting better.

Saturday: 12 hour shift

Sunday: off day

Monday:  12 hour shift

Tuesday: 12 hour shift

Wednesday: 12 hour shift

Thursday: 30 min bike + 15 min run on the treadmill

My goal was to workout 3 days a week. This week because of work it didn’t happen. but even though I only worked out 3 days (I have spin class also planned for saturday) I still lost weight! Shows just how much your diet is a big deal! I also walked A TON at work.


Sleep quality and duration: Pretty good

Considering I slept at my parents for three nights, I was sleeping really well. I had some hard days at work, so by 8pm I could barely keep my eyes open. I listened, and headed to bed.


How I was feeling: Worried and happy

I know it is weird to feel both ways, but at work I had A LOT of stress. I was worried about patient’s and other nurses. Then on Thursday, my first day off, I felt relaxed and happy. I got so much done,  got a great workout at the gym, and some downtime for myself. All these things make a happy Kristen haha


Things I did well: Dealing with the stress at work, the winter weather, and being away from home for three days

Things I need to work on: workouts and meal planning

(last week was Getting back to low carbs. I accomplished that!)


Goals for week 3:

-Get those workouts in

-Meal planning


Question for you:

How do you track nutrition/workouts?

-I use sparkpeople.com. It really is a great place to record workouts, eats, and find recipes.

4 thoughts on “30 before 29: Week 2”

  1. Nice work this week. You are really making strides towards your goal and it really excites me! I used to use sparkpeople a lot (obviously) and I’ll record my food once or twice a month to make sure I’m on track but don’t use it a lot anymore.

  2. Woo Hoo, Girlie! Nice effort! Keep up the hard work and congrats on getting buy-in from the boys!
    I tend to use MyFitnessPal more now than spark. I was a religious Sparker back when i was losing, I know I wouldn’t have done it without that…now I just track every once in a while as a check-up and so MFP is easier for me to do that now. I have more of my recent foods stored in there than what I had in Spark back in the day!
    Keep working hard! It’s YOUR year!

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