When I’m stressed, its time to sweat

I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend. Today, I was off work with Andrew, but over the weekend I was in the NICU working.

Over the weekend, I had  a really rough time with one of the babies there. Just a lot going on. Then at home today, my dad found something at my house that just added more stress. Lets just say, the police are involved 😦

Luckily, I did make it to the gym and get my sweat on! And the funny thing, I DID NOT want to do ANY cardio. I first, tried the bike, then the treadmill, and the elliptical. Eventually, I was done and went for a good o’ workout from Angela!

It was a nice sweaty workout, where I also added some of my favorite moves. I noticed that maybe my hip flexors are CRAZY tight from spin class on Friday, which resulted in a lot of pain when I was riding on the bike. So I added a few more moves to strength my booty and hips



I also worked with my favorite stretch! I think this defiantly helped


Felt so good! Hoping my next two days at work are better, although I think they are going to be pretty tough….

Question for you:

Would you rather lift  weights or do some cardio?

Do you ever have tight muscles after a workout? what helps you?

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