30 before 29: 1 MONTH!

30 before 29: week 3

On the road to losing 30 by my 29th birthday!



Week 1: 0 lost

Week 2: – 2 1/2

Week 3: 0 lost

Week 4: -1lb TOTAL DOWN: 3 1/2lbs

My clothes are fitting SO much better, even my jeans need a belt! I can’t wait to go down a size!


Nutrition:  Million times better

This week I really watched my carbs, and at the most 80 one day.


Workouts: Got it together!

  • Saturday: 12 hour shift
  • Sunday: 12 hour shift
  • Monday:  1 hr spin class
  • Tuesday: 12 hour shift
  • Wednesday: 12 hour shift
  • Thursday: 1 hr kickboxing class
  • Friday: 30min bike + 10 min rowing

Even though I only had 3 workouts, and HELLO 12 hour shifts! I still felt great and am so glad I went to the gym today. I almost didn’t go because I was sore from kickboxing, but I found a new love- the Rowing machine


Sleep quality and duration:  Could have been better.

With my stress level, I didn’t get the best sleep.


How I was feeling: really stressed

At the beginning of the week, I had a rough few days. Between work and home, I needed a break. Luckily, I had four days off at the end of the week and I am SOAKING up all stress free time. I am getting lots done, hitting the gym, and being with Andrew. It is perfect.


Things I did well: Workouts and eats. And weight lose!

Things I need to work on: sleep and decrease stress


Run over to Angela and check out she is doing! She is also working on losing 30lbs!

Question for you:

How was your week?

What are your plans this weekend?

4 thoughts on “30 before 29: 1 MONTH!”

  1. Way to go! I forgot to do my full measurements 😦 But I jumped on the scale and am still hovering around 180lbs. I know that my problem is just too many calories right now! I have been much better at tracking and paying attention to hunger lately though so hopefully this week I will have results from hard work!

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