Quick arm workout

This past weekend I headed to the gym on a time crunch. I was going to be watching my twin niece and nephew, so I only had 45  minutes. I started with 30 on elliptical (legs were killing me from kickboxing and rowing)  then I decided to take a “leg break” and work my arms. It actually turned out pretty awesome! And the workout wasn’t impossible, but I could DEFIANTLY feel it!

50 set workout

I hope you like it! And this is my FIRST EVER workout of my own that I have posted on my blog (I know Angela will be proud! haha)

I know it isn’t much, but it is a start, and trust me by the end, your arms are feeling it!

Question for you

Do you takes breaks from certain workouts when you are sore?

What is you favorite arm workout?

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