Janji running shorts

A few days ago, I was contacted by Janetha who blogs over at meals and moves (who is super nice) that I had been chosen for the winner of her giveaway!

I was EXTREMLY surprised and thrilled!


Janji is the company and the amazing thing about these running shorts, is that for every pair that is bought, it provides someone in need access to water or proper nutrition. I was defiantly impressed


The weather outside has not allowed for me to wear these bad boys yet, but spring seems so close. Right !?!?! haha

DSCN0207 DSCN0214(pocket for keys or goodies haha)

Question for you:

Have you ever hear of janji?

Favorite brand of running shorts?

4 thoughts on “Janji running shorts”

  1. Those are neat running short. I entered someone’s giveaway for them, but I think they’re really cool. Usually I wear nike shorts or under armor, we have the outlet stores here so when there’s a sale I always pick up a few pair.

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