Andrew and I adopted

A few weeks ago, my future sister in law was talking about her brother. She said that they found her nephew was allergic to cats, so the cats were living in the basement. Unfortunately, their son was still having allergic reactions and the kitties had to go. Her sister in law was having a very hard time with this, since she had them for years.

After lots and lots of thinking, I decided it was time for a pet. And my thought was, I can’t adopt a kitten, and leaves these cats. We went to visit them, just to feel it out, and we came home with two cats!


The first day we were home, we put them downstairs by their litter box and food bowls (wanted them to know where it was ASAP! haha) And then they hung out there for awhile. Andrew and I just went about our day.

Mr Bubbles

DSCN0267 cat

May May Pickles (May May for short)


So Mr Bubbles is MUCH more energetic and friendly. While May May hides. But finally today, I found May May upstairs. Actually, I found them BOTH together INSIDE the recliner in the back room. (not sure how they both fit since Mr Bubbles is quite large! haha)

We decided to keep their names that were given by their other family.

I am officially a cat lady. haha

Question for you:

Do you have any pets?

What is you favorite animal?

4 thoughts on “Andrew and I adopted”

  1. Aw so sweet! I am glad they found a nice home 🙂
    We have yet another kitty outside who wanted IN last night. No no way! I don’t want it spreading anything to my cats. I did give it food and water and made a shelter out of Rob’s old tshirts and a box. It is really friendly and meows at me and doesn’t run away (though I haven’t tried to pet it). I hope it is okay but it is so not coming inside!

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