Got a little TOO busy, time for pancakes

So I MAY have gotten alittle too busy, alittle too stressed out. So you know what that means….


Yep. Not feeling so hot today. I woke up not feeling 100%

This morning, I didn’t want eggs and bacon. Since I wasn’t feeling good, I wanted some comfort food and that ALWAYS means pancakes.


I went to my handy dandy pinterest, and found this recipe for paleo coconut flour pancakes. I was alittle skeptical because the ingredients were pretty simple, but don’t let that fool you. They were amazing! I added some scrambled eggs, and bacon


Today, I had a lot planned. workout at the gym. papers. bills. etc etc. Instead, I am drinking coffee in bed.


Checking emails, relaxing, and watching The Incredibles. I want to be able to breath tomorrow when I have my MRI. Everyone say alittle prayer around 6am that they find fat when they scan that darn mass. haha

Question for you:

Do you workout when you are sick?

-Usually I do, but the class I take, I usually can’t breath/move when I feel great, so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to push it, and then I would get frustrated. it would probably also not help my body heal, and we need that!

When life gets tough, get busy

I have to say THANK YOU so much to everyone’s response about my not so expected CT results. I will say I am feeling better today, mostly because I stayed pretty busy (otherwise I would start tearing up)

SOOO the day started by having breakfast with Andrew, and taking him to school. Then to Sam’s to stock the frig, especially with lots of eggs.


(I think I could eat eggs for every meal)

Next up, was the muscle works class at the gym. It was awesome.

Then I went on a cleaning spree.


I got the bathrooms, all the wood floors, laundry, dishes, and anything I could get my hands on cleaned up. I even washed the shower curtain. haha

I had stew in the crockpot


Chocolate covered strawberries



Andrew’s new hair cut


I also stopped by the grocery store for some almond “yogurt”.

photo bomb
photo bomb

I even had 20 minutes to lay down before I picked up Andrew from school. That’s when I got a bit teary, and headed to attack more of the house haha.

Lots done today, which I am really happy about, and helped me keep my mind busy.

Question for you:

What do you do to stay busy?

Ever tried almond or coconut milk “yogurt”?

Benign mass or cancer? CT results

So I wrote some of this post on Monday, after finding out the results of my CT scan. But because of a little bit of stress, I decided to wait and get some sleep before posting. So here goes nothing…..


First, we will start with the good. At fridays weigh in, I was really frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed with the weight gain. I talked it out with Tiffany and Angela who reminded me that I need to get more strength training with heavy weights. That the cardio, that I have been pushing my body to do, is actually increasing my cortisol level (just like stress) which affects my body in a HUGE way.

So this weekend, I went to good o’ pinterest, and found a great weights workout, which just so happens to be from Angela’s blog haha. I did this at home. yep. My first AT HOME WORKOUT in about a year haha.

not heavy weights, but that's all I have at home. It did the trick!
not heavy weights, but that’s all I have at home. It did the trick!

I turned up the tunes on my computer and got right to work. Even though I don’t usually push myself as much as I do at the gym, I did feel alittle sore the next day. yea muscles!



On the other, not so happy news. I received the results back for both my GI capsule and CT scan. I know it has been awhile since I had these, but I wanted to wait to have all the info to report it all to you 🙂

So my GI capsule study, showed a small polyp in my duodenum which is not emergent but will need to be removed. I was worried about that, until I received my CT results today. while at work. (note to self: never call for results while at work) The report showed that I have a mass on my right kidney, which could be the cause of some of my GI issues. We are optimistic that it will just be a fatty (benign mass) and not anything serious

Good news:  We are starting to get results on what might be going on with my silly belly

BAD news: there is a mass on my kidney haha

Interestingly enough last week, I wished we would find something (not big) on the CT so that we could have some answers and move forward. Now, I wish we didn’t haha. I have been in contact with my GI nurse, who is AMAAAZIINNNGGGG. she has been talking to me all day. Hopefully the mass is benign and just a fatty mass (isn’t that nice). Which apparently is very common in older women. I’m only 28! haha.

Moving forward, I will have an MRI on Friday to get a better look at the tissues and what this darn thing is made of. Everyone pray for fat. (I don’t think I will ever ask for that again haha) This will mean FIVE WEEKS in a row of being NPO and having a procedure one day each week. I’m over being NPO haha

Luckily, after work on Monday (and getting the news) I headed to my parents, who are both in the medical field, and they had me laughing in no time. So today, I am trying to stay busy and just go with the flow. Just not think about it right?!?! Thinking positive thoughts 🙂

Off to the gym to lift some weights 🙂

Question for you:

Have you ever had to have an MRI? How was it? (if you don’t mind sharing)

(sorry this post was soo long, could have had two posts instead. my bad)

Getting scanned

I am not sure HOW many more pictures the doctors can get before we figure out what is going on, but this week was a CT scan.

Luckily, this test wasn’t as difficult as the others.

  • NPO after midnight

  • arrive at 6:45 am
  • Drink a glass of contrast every 20 minutes x 3 times (while playing on my nook)


  • Get an IV for contrast


  • Get scanned in the machine (lasted 5 minutes)

Was there about 2 hours. I should find out at the beginning of the week what or IF they found anything. part of me wants to find out something, but of course, I hope nothing is wrong. Luckily, since the camera pill, I haven’t had any major belly symptoms 🙂

Question for you:

Do you remember the last IV you had?

Do you have a nook or kindle?

Challenge 30 by 29: Week 8

~week 8 in the weight lose challenge~

(Goal is to lose 30lbs by my 29th birthday on July 16th)

Week 8: UP


Well apparently the scale said I am up 4 lbs, and even though my jeans felt a smidge tighter, I don’t believe that number completely. I am moving on from it. I just don’t know if getting GI tests, and trying to lose weight is going to work at the same time haha


Nutrition:  Good

Besides another test, were I had to be NPO after midnight and then drink a bunch of contrast. My stomach hates me after that stuff. Can’t wait till we find out whats going on.

Today at work, the girls had cookies, cupcakes, puppy chow (my weakness), and candy all for a  birthday party. I didn’t have a single piece (even though they were trying hard otherwise). I felt very strong after this 🙂


Workouts: Good

  • Saturday: Spin class
  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: Spin class
  • Tuesday: 12 hour shift
  • Wednesday: 12 hour shift
  • Thursday: Spin class
  • Friday: 12 hour shift

I did great with the cardio workouts but Tiffany reminded me that I need more weight work! So this week I need to find some weight workouts for the gym. Also this Tuesday and Thursday I am off work, and have my weight classes to go too 🙂


Sleep quality and duration:  Good

I defiantly have this covered. need to work on distressing haha


How I was feeling: overwhelmed

just a lot going on.


Things I did well: Eats

Things I need to work on: weight lose and more weight workouts

So need to get more weights in the workouts, less cardio. And try to distress. As of right now, I do not have a GI test for next week haha. So I won’t have any days were my body is shocked. Time to get this weight off!!!!


Go over to Angela’s blog ! She is working on losing 30lb by her 30th bday 🙂

Random Thursday

Today I feel like this post might be a bit all over the place, but I wanted to pass a few articles and recipes I have found the past week 🙂

First up, Andrew and I went bowling on a cold day for another mom and me evening. Or names were Bobby Junior and Queen Kristen haha

140217_003 140217_002


Today, I had another test for my tummy issues. I promise to update you all soon. This morning was a CT scan, and hopefully we get the results in the next few days 🙂


After my test, I met up with Arthur, the guy I have been dating the past month, for lunch. I think he needs a nickname for the blog, what do you guys think? haha


nope. that bread is not mine


Now for the articles and recipes, And not all paleo!!! haha


Question for you:

What nickname should we have for Arthur? haha

Have you read anything great recently, or any new recipes?

When the instructor really matters

For the past few weeks, I have really started to love spin class. Our gym has many different classes, with multiple instructors, which has been great! unfortunately, this last week I had a HORRIBLE instructor fill in for another.  I think she was flustered, but it never improved…..


Some things that I like about class:

  • music
  • people dancing, singing
  • kept up with girl next to me


  • didnt use the mic. had no idea what she said
  • spinning fast when it was slow part of a song
  • instructor was sore, she was slow spinning the whole time
  • stayed in one position or speed for long periods

I know this makes me sound like a complete snob! But the whole time, I was thinking how ridiculous the class was. The only reason I got an OK workout, was because I followed the girl next to me. I realize most my “likes” were not based on her….I usually will pick up my pace depending on the instructor, or the cadence of the music.  I felt bad for her, because it is hard coming into a new class, but the actually spin part was bad too.  This morning, I headed to another class with a great instructor. She had great music, and even had us pretend we were in the Olympics, racing eachother. Made the class go by SO fast. I left with sore legs and a sweaty face. Just the way I like it. hahaha


Today, I needed to bake, and decided on some awesome banana bread. No wasted bananas around here


I put alittle almond butter and grass fed butter. YUM 🙂

Question for you:

Do you have preferences for how your workouts go?

What do you listen to when you workout?

Valentine’s Day 2014

Andrew and I had a pretty quiet but still fun Valentine’s Day and I hope you did too!

In the past, I have always REALLY disliked this day because I was single (now I dislike it because of all the pressure!) So instead, this year, I just tried to have a nice day with Andrew. It was pretty awesome

Earlier in the week, we printed minecraft valentine’s for his teacher and friends

DSCN0399DSCN0400 DSCN0401

I also found this Valentine’s Day bingo to play at school with Andrew and his friends


The prizes 🙂


For dinner, Andrew and I headed to my parents. I loaded my plate with lots of salad and meat!


I also got some snuggle time with my nephew Seamus


Andrew and I then headed home and watched some of the Olympics with Mr Bubbles


I also gave Andrew a chocolate rose and card

DSCN0416 DSCN0417

The inside of the card was the best part 😉

Question for you:

What did you do for Valentine’s day?

What did you get your special someone? or did you get?

30 by 29 Week 7

Another week has come and gone. And a few things have changed, but that darn test got in the way of a few things 😦

(Goal is to lose 30lbs by my 29th birthday on July 16th)

Week 7: stayed the same


need to get this down!


Nutrition:  Horrible.

Much better this week, especially since one day I couldn’t eat for 24 hours. My stomach was not happy about this, or the after. It is still hurting me today.


Workouts: OKKKKKK

I didn’t get in good workouts, but I do go three days this week, and that is my goal! next week, PICK IT UP!

  • Saturday: 20 min elliptical + 30 min rowing workout
  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: 12 hour shift
  • Tuesday: off for belly tests
  • Wednesday: 12 hour shift 20min row + 15 min bike
  • Thursday: 12 hour shift
  • Friday: 20 min elliptical + 10 min rowing


Sleep quality and duration:  Good

This is probably the only thing I had going for me this week, but it was a million times better. It helped me deal with the stress.


How I was feeling: stressed

Between the tests, sick babies in the NICU, and more stressors, I was feeling very overwhelmed come Friday.


Things I did well: sleep

Things I need to work on: workouts and weight lose!!!


Go check up with up Angela who is losing 30 by her 30th birthday ! She did awesome this week!

Question for you:

How are you dealing with this LONG winter?

How do you get workouts in when it is cold and snowy?

Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet 2014

Andrew and I had a really busy weekend, and even though we ran around for most of it, we had an amazing Saturday night with his boy scout pack celebrating with their Blue and Gold Ceremony


We first started out at church, and then ended to school for awards. Andrew received several for volunteering, sports, and other adventures


Then for the pinewood derby, he won the judges award “Leader of the Pack”

DSCN0352b DSCN0357b

The final entertainment was nitro Joe who talked to all the kids about science and talked to the kids for over an hour, with lots of different tricks and information.


This picture makes it look like Andrew is blowing out steam from his mouth haha


We had a great night together and I know that these nights are always going to be special. I need to learn to slow down and enjoy these moments, instead of thinking of the next thing on the TO DO list or where we need to be and how to get there. Time to slow down, and enjoy Andrew as a kiddo

Question for you:

Were you a boy scout/girl scout?

Do you find yourself needing to slow down and enjoying life instead of running all the time?